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Name:Kathy Perry
Company:Kathy Perry LLC
Address:1724 Pine Ridge Way W.
City:Palm Harbor
Country:United States of America
Phone No:8137899580
Cell No:8137899580
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What is the uniqueness that Kathy brings to an organization when she speaks?

My diversity of experience and passion sets me apart as unique in a world where everyone is a "specialist".  Because of my broad range of life's work, I am able to speak on a variety of topics to diverse audiences and invoke life changing experiences for them. 

Recently, someone referred to me as a "Renaissance Woman", after I shared with her all of my background and experience, my interests and my passions.  In researching the essence of what she said, I thought this was very appropriate:

Re.nais.sance (1906)
A person who has many interests and is expert in several areas

With a strong background in technology as a sales and marketing executive, I have worked in the corporate arena for over 20 years, enjoying success working with Fortune 500 and mid-tier companies.  I guest lectured at the University of South Florida for 10 years on sales and marketing and interned and mentored over 50 students.  Additionally, I created a University Certificate Program for Marketing Automation that bridged the gap between marketing and technology. 

I've always been a student of personal development and as time went on I understood the importance of living a holistic balanced life.  In 2005, I launched a website for women on enhancing body, mind and spirit ( where I share many of the resources that have helped me throughout my life and career.  In 2006, I wrote a personal development book called "Reality TV & You - 8 Secrets to being the Director in your Life's Reality TV Show using the Law of Attraction", that uses a simple analogy to illustrate how the emotional choices we make create our lives.  In 2007 and 2008, I immersed myself in energy healing modalities to release stress and heal my body physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

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