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Name:Scavenger Hunt
Address:P O Box 686
City:Safety Harbor
Country:United States of America
Phone No:7277917338
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How do I sign up to play?

(727) 791-7338







Why is it important to look deeper?

We discover new ways to implement our ideas by collaborating with each other.

What does it mean to look deeper?

We often expose our products, services & solutions to each other but when we look deeper we actually engage & experience what each other can do for us or someone we know.

Will I will prizes if I take time to answer the clues?

Yes, you win a prize for every clue you answer correctly.

What is the cost to play in the WILD scavenger hunt?

 It is FREE to play

Why should I play in the WILD scavenger hunt game?

1.   To find answers to your questions

2.   To find solutions to your challenges

3.   To find Experts fast to implement your ideas now

Why was the WILD scavenger hunt created?

1.   To engage with each other

2.   To experience what each other does

3.   To recommend each other’s solutions to our colleagues
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