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Name:Diane Kutz
Company:Modern Concept Media
Title:Voice Talent, Audio Editor and Video Producer
Address:St. Petersburg, Fl 33703
City:St. Petersburg
Country:United States of America
Phone No:727-481-4499
Cell No:
Contact Via Email or Website
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Do you work outside of your residing state?
With the wonderful world of technology that we live in today it is very easy for me to work with clients around the country (and the world). 
It has opened up opportunities to meet and work with many wonderful business owners and I look forward to growing my business to the international level.
What is your preferred method of contact?
I talk for a living so I enjoy speaking with people on the phone or even in person.

After we do speak on the phone (or in person) email will be the main source of communication due to scripts and audio files going back and forth.

Obviously, I will communicate however you, as my client, would prefer and is most convenient for your schedule. 
Do you provide discounts for charity and non-profit organizations?
As a independent business owner, yes I am able to give discounts to non-profits.

However, I do have a budget that I need to adhere to, so I am only able to give discounts to a select number of organizations within a calendar year.

Why Use a Pro Voice Over Talent?

Would you let a home builder perform dental surgery on you or ask a school teacher to stop your toilet from overflowing instead of calling a plumber?  I didn't think so.

Just because you have a voice and you can speak doesn't mean that you know how to be a voice actor. 

Many people are told that they have a great voice ( I'm sure most do) and think that they can record voice overs for their own business (or are asked to do so by their boss), but what many don't understand is that it isn't really about the voice most of the time, it's about how you use it.

Another thing to consider is that a voice over isn't just reading, it's the ability to interpret words and telling a story with the purpose of getting people to buy in to a concept, product, or service.
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