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Name:Wayne Moritz
Title:Master of Business Transformation
Address:1660 Gulf Blvd #1108
City:Clearwater Beach
Country:United States of America
Phone No:727-596-5511
Cell No:727-224-1700
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I have heard of a term you coined called ROZI what is it.

ROZI - Return on Zero Investment

I work in multiple revenue worlds. I believe in value for money so i look for clients that can identify a problem that needs to be solved.  The faster the problem is solved the more money that is saved or a huge benefit to the company or your customers is attained.

We also look at businesses and present new possible revenue streams and help automate and bring them  live quickly. We also share in revenue or license these solutions to corporations and businesses.

Status-Quo CONsulting calls it your investment.. They send in billable bodies and are in the hourly business not the solutions business. If they knew the answers they would flat line the price. You are out of pocket on these types of deals for years and many times  forever.

I have spent over 25 years working on a platform that allows my business to solve problems in 5-10% of the time. So we prefer to work in a value based world.

If i could provide you the solution in a few weeks and the CONsultant spent X man years in research due to lack of real world experience and no technology weapons what are you willing to pay for that solution.

If you can identify a problem and attach a $$ amount to it I will look at see what we can do with our products to get you a result in 5-10% of the time of the CONsulting timeline.  In return you share the savings with us.  In my model you are never out of pocket any money if we take the project. 

In some instances we take a token payment to be sure we get cooperation with all management executives.

I also look for partnerships and JV opportunities to solve industry issues together in a disruptive way and bring a new solution to the market. We currently have one we did a few years ago that is exploding in healthcare across the USA.
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