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Are Interior Designers fees to high?
With any profession you pay for experience and education. However, there are guidelines set by the ASID.
When shopping for a Interior Designer be sure to get pricing from at least two different sources.
*Call previous clients for referrals
*Review past projects in person if possible

The interior designer you choose should be the "perfect fit" for your project. They should listen to what YOU want not what they want to sell you.
The personality of the designer you choose will reflect how the the project is handled from conception to completion!
What is the difference between a designer & a decorator?
The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) defines an interior designer as someone who "is professionally trained to create a functional and quality interior environment." Designers have to be knowledgeable about construction practices and building codes in order to do their job.

Unlike interior designers, interior decorators are concerned primarily with the function of making a space look and feel attractive. Interior decorators are concerned with the aesthetics of a space, without having to make more complex choices involving construction or building codes.

However, as of 2008 such states as Florida have updated their mandates to reflect who may have the title of "Interior Designer". If a person passes the State examine of the ASID you were considered a "licensed interior designer". Now do to the changes, a state examine is NOT required to have the title "Interior Designer". This is only for Residential design, Commercial designers must take a state examine or work with someone who is license through the State; General Contractor, Architects, Engineers, etc.
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