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What's Important in Innovation?
Innovation is driven by three things--management and organizational desire and support, sources of new ideas and needs, and the ability of people within an organization to respond to both.

Brainstorming, talking to current customers, and "teams" are well understood and out dated approaches. Brainstorming with current knowledge with current people gives you current answers. We use "TRIZ" (Inventive Problem Solving) to take a leap beyond these inefficient tools. The idea of needing to generate thousands of ideas to get a few good ones is something we can't afford any more. TRIZ uses the patterns of invention in the global patent literature, allowing you to generalize your problem and seeing where it has already been solved, usually in a parallel universe of technology or market unknown to you. TRIZ has special tools to resolve contradictions that are the keys to breakthrough inventions and new products.

The style with which people problem solve and relate to each other is also a key to breakthrough innovation. The 16Types™ and KAI™ measurements can be used to assess the social and problem solving styles of innovation teams, greatly improving the functionality and efficiency of teams vs. random or functional selection.

Talking to current customers is a favorite technique, but if what they are doing is about to be replaced by something else (think buggy whip manufacturers, vacuum tube makers, telephone land line companies, stick pointers), this information is interesting but not useful for strategic planning. It is important to think about the FUNCTION that a product is performing and how else that function can be achieved and how it will be achieved in the future. These changes are very discontinuous and can be recognized with TRIZ Lines of Evolution, assisting you in knowing who to talk o about the future.
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