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In Celebration of You
Author Name : Bobbi Gemma
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Description : Welcome to Thought Bites, Wisdoms and Other Funky Stuff! This has been a fun adventure for me and I hope it will be a positive one for you. The journey began as ideas popped into my head over an extended period of time. For years I declared “I’m writing a book.” There were many such declarations for many potential books. Friends and family heard it so many times they finally just shrugged and said, “Yeah, sure”. The books were all titled, begun with enthusiasm and surefire determination, and then ……. fizzled. My files filled with snippets and great intentions. Each book began its limited iteration because of a new learning, insight or awareness that I felt compelled to share. Each had its own theme and direction; each its own niche; its own message. I’ve learned so much over the years from wise people like my father and grandmother (more wise than they knew), my friends, mentors, teachers, and my daughters. As an executive coach, I’ve also learned more than I could imagine from my amazing clients. One thing I know for sure – we all have our own journey. We all have our own demons and our own brilliance. Life’s progress is in becoming aware, acknowledging, honoring and evolving. Occasionally, I would pull out the files, recast my intention, add tidbits, make yet another pronouncement to all who would listen, and once again……..fizzle. But, over time, as I revisited all the scraps of abandoned copy, it seemed a theme was emerging from several of those folders. The book didn’t need to be ‘written’ by me. The book needs to be written by you! What I have collected and what I have learned can be the openings to your awareness, acknowledgement, honoring and evolution. So, this time, the book is really making its voice heard, and I very happily turn it over to you to fill in the blanks. This is your opportunity to allow some of my learning to trigger your own. I hope you enjoy the passageway into your future – it looks glorious from here!

Number of Pages : 128
File Format : PDF
Publishing Rights : with permission
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