Consider the value of your LinktoEXPERT membership
Your Marketing Solution in Three Convinient Membership Packages

As an Expert, consider becoming a member of LinktoEXPERT if you are ready to:

Make your marketing life easier and more successful with greater exposure and access! You create your message - We broadcast them to Thousands! Fast!

  • Express your uniqueness by letting people read your information, listen to your knowledge or watch you in action anytime from anywhere:
    • On your personal interactive marketing platform within our Web 2.0 portal
    • Your feature in our Leading Edge eNewsletter, sent out bi-weekly
    • Catch your message on our social networking sites such as:
      • Twitter
      • LinkedIn
      • Facebook
      • eFactor
    • Your article possibly featured in one of our media affiliates publications
    • Save your energy for what you do best, and still impress your contacts with custom emails generated automatically as you upload new material, sent through the LinktoEXPERT portal
  • Ensure exclusive strategic alliances with
    • National and Global Executive Groups
    • National and Global Chambers of Commerce
    • National Trade and Professional Associations
  • Elevate your credibility and authenticity by interacting with our media affiliates
  • Explore new avenues of revenue - grow your brand
  • Ongoing search engine optimization to ensure you will appear on Google, Yahoo!, and other search engines
  • Enhance your existing marketing campaigns

With your personalized, interactive website at, you can

  • Showcase your expertise through your introduction page, biography, professional experience, referral list, and resume
  • Ensure executives will always be able to get in touch with you; your contact information and professional headshot will be displayed on every page of your profile
  • Inform executives of the quality you have to offer them when they "meet" you for the first time in your 30-60 second transparent introduction video
  • Promote yourself through unlimited uploading of sample articles, eBooks, podcasts, videos, and photos in your own media library
  • Impress prospective clients by displaying your organization memberships; certifications; and written, audio, and video client testimonials
  • Create a professional network with other experts, executives, event professionals, and vendors through your multiple blogs and forums
  • Manage your online calendar to promote your upcoming events and workshops
  • Keep prospective clients "in-the-know" with your FAQ section and fee schedule
  • Generate passive income by selling electronic copies of your whitepapers, articles, books, tips, podcasts, and videos through our PayPal-secured online Success Store
  • Take advantage of our exclusive offers from our vendor affiliates providing services such as:
    • Ability to broadcast your webinars
    • Send out video presentations via email
    • Market your brand with custom IPhone applications

    LinktoEXPERT continuously searches for new strategic vendor alliances

  • Display your personalized URL on your business cards, your email signatures, your articles, and other promotional material

Just a few of the ways you can generate multiple streams of passive income as a LinktoEXPERT member:

  • Bundle your products and services with an integrated team of experts - Joint Ventures
  • Connect with your target customers by utilizing your blog to get feedback before creating your electronic products
  • Uploading videos of your professional speaking events for purchase
  • Record your coaching sessions and sell them as podcasts
  • Offer video training

Your LinktoEXPERT E-Office Provides:

  • The ability to easily change your online information and update your products and services at any time from anywhere
  • Timely information on how to improve your image – marketing etips, support tools and demo videos
  • Access to other experts who will provide services, such as: writing, ghost writing, editing, illustrating, graphic design, copywrite, publishing, video production, video editing, photography, designing e-zines and newsletters, and much more
  • Online, cutting-edge proposals, invoices, and contracts to help run your e-office efficiently. AVAILABLE Q411
  • An escrow account to guarantee risk-free payment for online contracts AVAILABLE Q411

LinktoEXPERT makes your marketing life easy and more successful with greater exposure and access!
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