[Q. 1 ] What is an expert?
An expert is a consultant, coach, speaker, or trainer who has proven knowledge of a specific topic and possesses the talent to share that information in order to shorten the learning curve of individuals and businesses.
[Q. 2 ] Why would I want to work with an expert?
Working with an expert helps you to learn about and to avoid detrimental choices and decisions in all aspects of your business. This collaboration creates a strong safety chain that allows for flexibility, change, and growth. By working with experts, you advance into the upper 5% of professionals who rely on brainstorming and feedback to generate extraordinary results!
[Q. 3 ] Why was the LinktoEXPERT Web portal created?
The LinktoEXPERT Web portal was created to empower executives to expedite innovation by leveraging business experts. Recent changes in the economy have altered the way executives do business; with many organizations downsizing and rightsizing, they can no longer justify employing full-time, highly-skilled individuals. However, these companies continue to need that expertise and will pay for those services on an "as-needed basis" instead of carrying the financial burden of long-term, fixed expenses.
[Q. 4 ] What can I do through the LinktoEXPERT Web portal?
With the LinktoEXPERT Web portal, you can easily choose the right expert FAST. Our advanced search engine and video previews allow you to find the best possible candidates within minutes instead of months. With experts’ areas of expertise, credentials, testimonials, and professional experiences included right in their profiles, you are sure to find the best expert to fit your needs. You can even access experts at YOUR convenience - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - plus, save valuable time with the added benefit of being able to contact experts DIRECLTY!
[Q. 5 ] Why does LinktoEXPERT include event professionals’ profiles on the Web portal?
Event professionals plan and arrange conventions, conferences, events, meetings, retreats, etc. They work with you to ensure your events are a success; often it is even an event professional's responsibility to recommend or to secure experts for his or her clients. Examples would include but are not limited to: • Professional keynoters hired to kick off and to set the tone of your convention or conference and to end your event by encouraging your attendees to accomplish your objectives • Subject matter experts secured to provide specific information at breakout sessions • Facilitators to keep executive retreats and board meetings on task and to hold members accountable between meetings • Certified Trainers to train your trainers or to roll out new programs to your staff • Team builders to create unity within your organization.
[Q. 6 ] What is the cost of the LinktoEXPERT monthly membership?
Executive membership is FREE!
[Q. 7 ] Who is responsible for submitting a proposal, contract, or invoice to me?
Experts may utilize LinktoEXPERT’s automated, back-office services or they may use their own.
[Q. 8 ] Who is responsible for collecting payments?
LinktoEXPERT recommends that you use our risk-free payment system, which is secured through an escrow account. • You approve the contract. • You receive an invoice and pay the agreed-upon deposit via PayPal. • You transfer the remaining agreed-upon funds in escrow to be distributed according to the contract signed by both parties. • Upon completion of services, if you and the expert agree that the terms of the contract have been met, monies will be paid accordingly. See terms of agreement for complete details. http://linktoexpert.com/termofuse.aspx
[Q. 9 ] What types of groups benefit from forming affiliate partnerships with LinktoEXPERT?
• Executive Groups • Professional and Trade Associations • Chambers of Commerce
[Q. 10 ] Why do these groups choose to form affiliate partnerships with LinktoEXPERT?
LinktoEXPERT’s affiliate partners provide unique benefits for their members, at no extra charge. Their members are typically executives (business owners and decision-makers) who need a streamlined process through which to secure business experts’ services and products.
[Q. 11 ] What is the incentive for these groups to form affiliate partnerships with LinktoEXPERT?
LinktoEXPERT’s affiliate partners earn non-dues revenue every time their members hire experts or buy experts’ products through the LinktoEXPERT Web portal.
[Q. 12 ] What is the incentive for the members of these groups to secure experts’ services and products through the LinktoEXPERT Web portal?
Members receive a 5% discount on each expert’s service and product they purchase.
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