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Name:Venus Jones
Company:Venusian Publishing
Title:Founder and Editor
Address:175 Baypointe Pkwy.
City:San Jose
Country:United States of America
Phone No:813-863-1155
Cell No:
Contact Via Email or Website
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Where can I find samples of your work?
Feel free to visit where you can find updates and my newsletter sign up form.

Follow me on Twitter @venuslovejones and on Facebook search for - The Artist: Venus Jones

Some of my publications are also available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CD Baby and Itunes.
Why would I hire a poet or spoken word artist for my special event?
Who cares about poetry? According to the national opinion research center 90% of American Readers say poetry enriches their lives.  My presentations are interactive and serve as edutainment. During workshops I also seek to help participants find and keep their own unique voice. 
Is Venus your real name?
Yes, Venus is my birth given name My mother named me after the Goddess of love and beauty and I've been trying to represent the divine ever since.
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