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  • Monday
    • Vito spends his early morning working out in the gym and clearing his mind so that he can spend the day writing the final chapter for his new eBook Niche Dominance, Creating Order Out of your Digital Marketing Chaos.
  • Tuesday
    • Vito sends the final draft of his new e-book to his favorite editor, Staci. Like Vito, she is an expert on the LinktoEXPERT Web portal. LinktoEXPERT has become Vito’s integrated global e-office, interactive marketing platform, and e-store where he sells the electronic products.
    • Vito receives his completed e-tip illustrations from Jewel, his graphic artist, another LinktoEXPERT expert. Jewel’s drawings enhance the overall appearance of his e-tips. Vito uploads the 2nd edition of his “Niche Dominance” e-tips to his LinktoEXPERT Success Store. He then creates a video email announcing that his new e-tips are available for a limited time at the sale price of $49.95, reduced from the regular price of $79.95.
    • Vito knows his new electronic product will be showcased on the LinktoEXPERT Web portal and eNewsletter which is sent to the LinktoEXPERT extensive database and featured to their ever expanding Social Media sites, an impressive email flyer will be sent to his exclusive mailing list and complementary experts effortlessly.
    • Vito reviews the video email he created on the Web portal and emails it to his contacts on the GSA schedule. Before 9 p.m., Vito sells twelve copies of his new e-tips ($600). The payment transactions are done through PayPal, exchanging currency for sales outside the U.S. The LinktoEXPERT Success Store sends a download of Vito’s e-tips to the customers, transferring the funds to Vito’s PayPal account automatically.
    • Vito is interviewed by Carl & Hector the Connector on “How to Win on the Web” Radio show promoting his Niche Dominance eTips. A LinktoEXPERT media affiliate.
    • Vito enjoys sashimi with friends at their favorite sushi restaurant before competing in a bowling tournament.
  • Wednesday
    • Vito analyzes the questions that current and prospective clients have requested that he address in his Webinar, which is scheduled for early this afternoon. Vito reviews his PowerPoint slides and is impressed with the template and slide transitions Amit, a LinktoEXPERT Web developer, has created. Vito sends out a reminder email to the registered Webinar attendees.
    • After the Webinar, Vito receives a phone call from Dean, an executive who is interested in working with a management consultant to implement his plan. Because Vito’s Webinar addressed many of Dean’s concerns, the two LinktoEXPERT members negotiate the deal on the phone.
    • Within 30 minutes, Vito sends Dean a proposal and contract via email which describes, in detail, the terms they have agreed upon. Dean reviews and approves the online documents. He then transfers money into the LinktoEXPERT risk-free escrow account, to be distributed as described in the contract.
  • Thursday
    • Vito begins his online search for other experts to hire through the Web portal who can assist him with Dean’s project.
    • Vito receives a phone call from Bobbi, Dean’s business coach, outlining the milestones and deadlines of the project. Vito and Bobbi exchange details and preferred methods of communication with each other to ensure the success of the project.
    • In the afternoon, Vito creates a podcast summarizing the results of his recent two-week assignment with two other LinktoEXPERT consultants Tom and Rachel and emails the link of the podcast to his client Sue, confirming his completion of the project. He asks Sue to review the audio summary and submit approval on the completion of the contract, at which time the remaining funds in the LinktoEXPERT escrow account will be released to Vito’s account. This risk-free payment system guarantees Vito will be compensated upon delivering what he has promised.
  • Friday
    • Vito receives a phone call from Peter, an executive who is a LinktoEXPERT affiliated member. Peter would like to hire Vito to present breakout sessions at his professional trade association’s conference in Vegas. Peter already knew Vito was available that day because Peter had checked Vito’s LinktoEXPERT online calendar.
    • Peter agrees that Vito will receive $2,500, plus travel expenses. Vito offers Peter his white paper for each of the 400 Las Vegas conference attendees for the special price of $24, versus the regular price of $29. Peter agrees to purchase the 400 copies and thanks Vito for the $2,000 savings. Peter’s association enjoys providing leading-edge information to their members.
    • Vito submits the contract to Peter with the risk-free payment instructions. Upon approval of the contract, Peter transfers funds into LinktoEXPERT's escrow account. The funds are distributed according to the contract; everyone wins.
    • Vito enjoys playing racquetball with his buddies before he and Laurie sneak away to his summer home for an extended weekend.
  • We invite you to join LinktoEXPERT if your life resembles Vito’s, or if you would like it to.
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