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The Art of Happioness Vol. 6 Nonsense
Author Name : Maura Sweeney
Price : $ 2.49
Price : $2.49
File Size : 6.2 MBKb
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Description : Have you ever wondered if you were in a Twilight Zone, where you were the main character in a plot that made no sense? Engage, enlighten and empower yourself in this expanded, second edition of Maura Sweeney's Art of Happiness series. In Nonsense, you'll get a first hand look at how crazy life for all of us can get. You don't have to be female or even vain to laugh along with Maura on her adventure to find the perfect mix between fashion and function in this fun story about packing the right winter coat for a trip to New York. As you laugh with the author, you'll also be invited to consider some of the struggles you've turned into epic fights and consider letting some of those struggles fall away. This is a helpful book that addresses the small stuff of nonsense as well as the big. Insightful questions and exercises at the end will help you gain greater happiness and well being in your life.

Number of Pages : 35
File Format : pdf
ISBN : 0-000000-00-6
Publishing Rights : New Vision Entertainment, LLC
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