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4 Tips for Powerful Visualizations
Author Name : Rita Milios
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Abstract : Would you like to experience your personal best? To feel confident, secure, competent, poised and self–assured? Would you like to look and feel your “ideal” self? Would you perhaps like to work at a fulfilling job that utilizes your talents and rewards you financially? Would you like to control your own future? Most of us would answer a resounding “Yes!” to at least some of the above questions. But too few of us know how to make these ideals a part of our lives. We too often feel out of control, not competent or confident about our goal; we often don’t know how or where to start. If we only realized that it is easy to start and it is easy to know how - once we gain a clear vision of what we want. Vision is the catalyst that jump starts all change, that lights the way toward all growth. Without vision, goals and ideals are merely pipe dreams. Vision is that clear, constant image of what we want and where we are going that we hold in our minds. Visualization is the “mind tool” that you can use to create that vision. Visualization is the process of creating vision, and that process is simple; it can be learned and used by anyone.
Number of Pages : 5
File Format : PDF
Publishing Rights : Rita Milios
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