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Tools for Transformation
Author Name : Rita Milios
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Price : $2.95
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Description : Tools for Transformation by Rita Milios More and more people today are seeking spiritual growth. Many such seekers will find it useful to have a good “basic” book that can introduce them to certain fundamental spiritual concepts and provide them with a “big picture” overview of the spiritual path and what to do once they find themselves on it. Also useful is some basic training in such techniques as meditation, visualization, affirmations, intuition and dreams – the “tools” of the spiritual realm. Tools for Transformation provides these elements in an easy to read, simple format. Clear, step-by-step instructions and examples help the reader navigate within his or her own mental processes, to experience the “look and feel” of various mental states and indicating what to expect - and not expect - from them. (Having unrealistic expectations is the number one reason people fail or get frustrated while attempting to learn how to use their mind “tools”.) Simple, clear and thorough explanations of inner-states of awareness and a “psycho-feedback” process found in Tools for Transformation helps people who otherwise might not attempt intuitive training to become successful at it. Also related in Tools for Transformation are four basic “rules” for using the subconscious mind, which is what one might think of as “home base” for their intuitive powers and also the place from which to do their spiritual work. These rules (Look Within, Ask and You Shall Receive, Use It or Lose It, There is No Free Lunch) bring the spiritual work into a personal perspective so it can be seen as a tool for solving everyday life problems as well as a tool for major transformative work. Drawing from her background as a practicing psychotherapist and more than twenty years as an intuitive arts teacher, Milios outlines three different ways to meditate, relating each method to a different goal. An “open focus” meditation is used for calling forth answers to questions or obtaining intuitive insights, while a “one focus” meditation is used for mental “programming” or visualization. Tips for Better Visualizations, a Forgiveness Visualization, a Small Child Visualization and affirmations for health, wealth, success and happiness are included. Dream tips, including how to remember dreams, how to interpret them and how to use them to get ideas, insights and important messages (problem solving tips, warnings, etc.) focus on gleaning individualized information from dreams, by looking at one’s own personal patterns, vs. providing an A-Z list of dream symbols. Tools for Transformation relates to a broad range of audiences from the spiritual, to twelve step and recovery readers, to business executives interested in enhancing creativity and tapping into intuition.

Number of Pages : 91
File Format : pdf
Publishing Rights : Rita Milios
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