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Rediscovering Who We Are
Author Name : MaryLou Houllis
Price : $ 10
Price : $10.00
File Size : 45.6 MBKb
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Event : New Beginnings Oneness Center
Abstract : The Bible says: Nothing that you imagine will be withheld from you. The imagination of man has been spread all over the world. Jesus says: They shall all be One and People are destroyed for lack of knowledge. If we are all magnets – what interconnects us? How much power do we really have? Are we participants only? Ancient knowledge that was lost has been re-discovered. Until recently we had little knowledge of who we really are. It is not that we are afraid of our weakness. We are afraid of our Power! We are creators! We can direct our feelings. Be the change!
File Format : MP3
Length : 00:49:48
Speaker : MaryLou Houllis
Publishing Rights : yes
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