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Sign of the time
Author Name : MaryLou Houllis
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Event : New Beginnings Oneness Center
Abstract : Remember the World Trade Center / Twin Towers? Now we have the Freedom Center. What happened in the first 3 months of 2013? It is all a reflection of human consciousness. Anything you imagine will not be withheld from you. There is nothing that is not purposeful. We have 7 continents and 7 charkas. The Bible says the life of the flesh is in the blood. Christ shed his blood. We are being transformed back into light. Resignation of the Pope on 2/11/13. New Pope – Francis from South America where there is outer signs of change. Our new Pope asked all to be protectors of creation, plan of God and nature.
File Format : MP3
Length : 00:36:24
Speaker : MaryLou Houllis
Publishing Rights : yes
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