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Performance Execution
Author Name : Jeff Magee
Price : $ 39.95
Price : $39.95
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Description : please go to if you would like to purchase a copy of this book Table-of-Contents Preface / It’s Not Your IQ or EQ, It Is Your IQ+EQ=PQ® That Impacts Your Performance in Life Pg. 13 Chapter Zero / Stand Up, Shut Up & Take Ownership, or Step Off the Planet Pg. 31 Chapter One / The X-Factor® Is All That Counts in Life. Period: Truth One Pg. 45 Chapter Two / The “Player Capability Index®” Calls Your Bluff and Drives Your PQ for Ultimate Talent Management Objectivity: Truth Two Pg. 63 Chapter Three / USFx2x4 Is Your Only Differentiator: Truth Three Pg. 95 Chapter Four / 5 Integrated Mission Statements for Alignment and a Sense of Oneness: Truth Four Pg. 111 Chapter Five / The 4-Step STOP® Decision Model Ends Complacency: Truth Five Pg. 137 Chapter Six / Your Mental Teeter-Totter® Directly Impacts Your Self Talk and Mental Life Balance Period: Truth Six Pg. 151 Conclusion / Stand Up, Shut Up & Take Ownership Pg. 173 Appendix One / Practical Application: Working the Generational Diversity Gap Will Be Your Organizational Asset to Performance Execution Pg. 187 Appendix Two / Practical Application: Awakening the Leadership Potential within You and Others …. Putting Performance Execution to Work with the “Control” and “Entrepreneurial Forces” Within You and Your Organization (cForce v. eForce) Pg. 207 Appendix Three / Practical Application: Building Respectful, Interactive RELATIONSHIPS with Others …. The Four Core Building Blocks to Performance Execution with another Person Pg. 231 Appendix Four / Practical Application: What Do You Do to Not “SUC” Right Now? …. Putting Performance Execution Technologies to Work in Your Life as a Matter of Routine Pg. 241 Free Bonus Offer / Free Weekly Performance Execution Electronic Success Column and Other Offers Delivered to Your E-mail Address – Gain a Strategic Advantage in the Marketplace Now Pg. 269 About the Author / Meet Jeffrey Magee …. BIO up Close Pg. 273 To Book Jeff / Bring Jeffrey Magee To Your Organization Pg. 279

Number of Pages : 283
File Format : PDF
Publishing Rights : All rights reserved
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