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These Times - New American Dream
Author Name : Therese "Terez" Hartmann
Price : $ 1
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Event : One Song for America
Abstract : ONE SONG FOR AMERICA CAN ONE SONG CHANGE THE WORLD?---- Would you like to see things CHANGE FOR THE BETTER in our country? If so, join us for a FUN and EASY experiment...---- 1-Download the song: “These Times – New American Dream” for $1.---- 2-Invite a few friends to do the same.---- 3-Listen to the song at least 1X a day (preferably in a place/time where you can truly focus and pay attention to the song). Play and listen to it consistently (even with your kids & family if you choose) and do so for at least 30 days beginning NOW.---- 4-Pay attention to how you feel after listening to the song each day, and (if you choose) share your results with us via e-mail: Our Intention: To be part of the SOLUTION by helping fellow Americans to gently shift our focus from fear & uncertainty to HOPE, OPPORTUNITY, and the POSITIVE ASPECTS of change, through the power of words and music.---- Our Theory: Dedicating focused time each day on positive thoughts, ideas, and feelings helps to create a new momentum toward feeling better personally, which in turn can and will influence all who cross our path, effecting change on a local, national, AND EVEN GLOBAL LEVEL. The more of us who participate, the more potential for far-reaching results. For more about the science behind what we do enter this link: or visit ---- Why $1? To cover the cost of creating, producing, and promoting the song, and to fund the production of more Rock My Spirit! music, products, and programs designed to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, and TRANSFORM OUR WORLD!---- $1 ---- ONE SONG ---- 1X A DAY.---- FOR YOU. ---- FOR AMERICA. ---- FOR THE WORLD. ---- What if it actually worked? We are willing to make this simple commitment - are you? ---- We at thank you with all our heart for caring enough to care about YOU, AMERICA, and THE WORLD by participating in this SIMPLE & FUN experiment in words & music.---- Wishing you all the best – and BEYOND! -- Terez and the Rock My Spirit! Team -- “The Power of Words, The Power of MUSIC!” ------------------------------------- These Times - New American Dream* Honoring President Barack Obama ---- Featuring Guest Artist “Saint Tone” ---- ©(P) 2008 Terez/Rock My Spirit! (T.T.R. Hartmann)------------------ SPECIAL THANKS TO PRO STAR RECORDING FOR GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY TO COMPLETE THIS SONG BEFORE INAUGURATION DAY!!! ---------- Lyrics, Music, and Arrangement: Terez ---- Produced by: Terez/Rock My Spirit!, Jody Gray/Pro Star Recording ---- Pre-Production and Mix: John V. Hartmann ---- Final Mix and Mastering: Jody Gray/Pro Star Recording ---- Lead & Back-Up Vocals, E-Bass, Synth Strings, E-Drums: Terez ---- E-Lead Guitar, Midi Programming: John V. Hartmann ---- Guest Vocals, Rhythm Guitar (Acoustic-Electric): Saint Tone ---- 12-String Guitar, Additional Electric Guitar, Additional Drum Tracks: Jody Gray --------------------------- SPECIAL THANKS TO PRO STAR RECORDING FOR GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY TO COMPLETE THIS SONG BEFORE INAUGURATION DAY!!!------------------------------ THANK YOU JOANNE WEILAND and LINK TO EXPERT for EVERYTHING!!!
File Format : .MP3
Length : 00:05:08
Speaker : Terez
Publishing Rights : Terez/Rock My Spirit!
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