A week in the life of Sheryl, an evolved Professional Speaker and Best-Selling Author
What if you could market your Keynote Presentations and Products with Ease and increase your exposure?
  • Monday
    • After a 9 a.m. Pilates class, Sheryl enjoys a relaxing steam bath in order to prepare for writing the last section of her next “How To” manual to be sold on the LinktoEXPERT online Success Store. She uploads her recent interview as a “How to Manual” Expert on Boomer Nation, a LinktoEXPERT media affiliate.
  • Tuesday
    • Sheryl sends the final draft of her manual to her editor, Staci, a fellow LinktoEXPERT Web portal member. Due to the rapid speed at which Sheryl’s “How To” electronic manuals are selling, she decides to secure another set of ISBN codes. Sheryl then receives an email from Chandra containing Sheryl’s ready-to-sell electronic version of her manual, How To Promote Your How To Manuals. Sheryl is thrilled with how Audrey her illustrator’s unique drawings have flowed with her insights and Staci’s way with words, resulting in the creation of a professional “How To” manual. This manual will save thousands of people time and money, but most importantly will teach them how to generate income while they are sleeping.
    • Sheryl puts on some earrings and then puts on her suit jacket over her pajamas in order to create and send a video email announcing that her new “How To” manual is available on the LinktoEXPERT online Success Store for only $79.95 for the next 30 days; after 30 days, the price will rise to $99.95. Sheryl knows her new electronic product will be showcased on the LinktoEXPERT Web portal and eNewsletter which is sent to the LinktoEXPERT extensive database and featured to their ever expanding Social Media sites, an impressive email flyer will be sent to her exclusive mailing list and complementary experts effortlessly.
    • She checks yesterday’s deposits before expressing her creative side with her new friends at the art studio.
  • Wednesday
    • Sheryl receives an email from Tara, an event professional, asking if Sheryl is interested in speaking at the Association of Associations’ annual conference of 3,000 attendees. Margaret mentions that she has checked Sheryl’s availability on her LinktoEXPERT online calendar. With this information, Margaret asks if Sheryl would like to fly directly to Boston after her presentation in Washington, D.C. Tara’s client’s budget is at the high end of Sheryl’s speaking fee range, and the client is willing to pay for Sheryl’s accommodations at the Wesley two days prior to her speaking engagements in Boston. The Wesley is a LinktoEXPERT vendor that gives special rates to fellow Web portal members.
    • Margaret proceeds to explain that she has already presented Sheryl’s professional 30-second introduction video and demo video to her client who has also reviewed the written and audio testimonials from Sheryl’s comprehensive profile. The client’s co-worker had read one of Sheryl’s recent blogs on the LinktoEXPERT Web portal and forwarded it, thinking that the client might be interested in this hot topic for their annual conference. Margaret forwards Sheryl an online contract a couple of minutes after her acceptance. Sheryl notes that the Association of Associations enjoys the new risk-free payment service; they will transfer the funds to the LinktoEXPERT escrow account next week.
    • Sheryl calls Margaret and asks if the client would agree to have Sheryl facilitate an interactive breakout session on the same topic for an additional $2,000 and if she would be allowed to record a video of the keynote and breakout. Margaret makes a conference call to her client to discuss Sheryl’s proposal; within minutes, the deal is approved.
  • Thursday
    • Sheryl creates a podcast to bundle with the e-tips she wrote last week. She prices the bundle at $149.95 and uploads them to LinktoEXPERT'S online Success Store. She also adds the latest article she wrote for BABM another LinktoEXPERT media affiliate on the resource page of her online library and uploads several candid photos and client video testimonials from last week’s keynote in France. She then proudly uploads her new CSP certification and logo to her professional profile. Her podcast will be posed on the LinktoEXPERT Web portal and eNewsletter which is sent to the LinktoEXPERT extensive database and featured to their ever expanding Social Media sites, an impressive email flyer will be sent to her exclusive mailing list and complementary experts contacts automatically.
    • Sheryl and her grandchildren exchange jokes as they walk to their favorite frozen custard shop together.
  • Friday
    • In the morning, Sheryl rejuvenates herself by exercising at the gym before meeting Andy, one of her fellow speaking buddies. They enjoy a delicious lunch while discussing their joint webinar. They decide on the admission price of $29.95 and will market it to the thousands of Chamber of Commerce members who are part of the affiliate programs on the LinktoEXPERT Web portal.
    • Sheryl enjoys a manicure prior to preparing for her weekend getaway with her husband in the Smoky Mountains.
  • We invite you to join LinktoEXPERT if your life resembles Sheryl’s, or if you would like it to.
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