Benefits of LinktoEXPERT - Executives

As an Executive, you should become a member of

LinktoEXPERT to:

  • Engage in exclusive professional networking
  • Empower yourself by utilizing our experts
  • Expand your project teams easily

Professional Networking:

  • Mastermind with small groups of other executives and experts dedicated to helping each other grow!
  • Join peer-advisory groups to learn how like-minded people overcame similar challenges and issues you are currently facing!
  • Receive exclusive invitations to upcoming online events!
  • Create the life of your dreams by surrounding yourself with people that will inspire and motivate you to keep climbing!

Competitive Edge:

  • Gain immediate access to experts’ innovative ideas as they are conceived
  • Acquire exclusive access to up-to-the-minute information (whitepapers, articles, ebooks, tips, podcasts, videos, and newsletters) from select business experts committed to helping you expand your business
  • Achieve your goals by working with a coach (accountability partner)
  • Get connected with world-renowned experts’ business brainpower via blogs and forums
  • Secure on-going training opportunities for your staff to create loyal employees
  • Continuous fine-tuning of your processes and procedures by our experts keeps your organization ahead of the competition

Hire Experts with Confidence:

  • Choose your medium of interaction with experts, whether it be through emails, blogs, forums, written materials, video conferencing, face-to-face, etc.
  • Attend experts’ webinars, teleseminars, live events, online group coaching sessions, etc. to evaluate if he/she is the right fit for your organization’s event
  • Create a customized team of experts to implement your ideas
  • Examine referral lists; authenticity checks; and written, audio, and video testimonials
  • Hold risk-free payments in an escrow account when you establish an online contract with experts
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