A week in the life of Margaret, an Evolved Event Professional
  • Monday
    • Margaret receives a call from the Program Chair of an association asking if she is interested in working with them on their annual convention in Miami. The Program Chair confirmed Margaret’s availability by checking her LinktoEXPERT online calendar. From her profile, the Program Chair learned that Margaret has similarly served other associations for 20+ years.
    • Later that morning, Margaret joins an online chat room with her colleagues to discuss the latest hot topics in the event planning industry.
    • Margaret is excited about updating her LinktoEXPERT online calendar to display her unavailability for a week in July, because she will be on vacation in Cancun. She then shares a few insights on one of her blogs and checks her PayPal account for automatic deposits from the weekend. Margaret also uploads photos and video clips of last week’s extravagant banquet in New York which she had organized for her client.
    • Margaret had finished her e-book while on her travels for client projects and has already submitted the final draft to Denise, her editor. She secured this professional through the expert section of the LinktoEXPERT Web portal. Margaret spends the evening celebrating the completion of her e-book with friends.
  • Tuesday
    • Margaret calls Bobbi, a professional team-builder to ask if she would like to spend a week next October in the Puerto Rican rain forest offering the “Trust” ropes courses to their mutual affiliate executive members from the LinktoEXPERT Web portal; Bobbi accepts the offer. Margaret contacts her travel agent, who is a vendor on the Web portal, in order to make all the travel arrangements at her exclusive LinktoEXPERT rate.
    • Margaret receives a phone call from Donna, a professional speaker, asking if Margaret would be interested in running the silent auction at an event next month in which Donna will be inspiring the audience with a keynote presentation.
    • Later, Margaret receives an email from Cindy, another team-builder, wanting to know if Margaret would consider coordinating the national sales meeting with Cindy’s client.
    • Early afternoon, Margaret leaves to meet with a florist, she hired through her MPI network, to review their centerpiece suggestions for Thursday night’s black tie award ceremony.
  • Wednesday
    • Margaret emails Sheryl, a Certified Speaking Professional, asking if Sheryl is interested in presenting the keynote at the Association of Associations’ annual conference of 3,000 attendees. Margaret mentions that she has checked Sheryl’s availability on her LinktoEXPERT online calendar. With this information, Margaret asks if Sheryl would like to fly directly to Boston after her presentation in Washington, D.C. Margaret’s client’s budget is at the high end of Sheryl’s speaking fee range, and the client is willing to pay for Sheryl’s accommodations at the Wesley two days prior to her speaking engagements in Boston. The Wesley is a LinktoEXPERT vendor that gives special rates to fellow Web portal members.
    • Margaret proceeds to explain that she has already presented Sheryl’s professional 30-second introduction video and demo video to her client who has also reviewed the written and audio testimonials from Sheryl’s comprehensive profile. The client’s co-worker had read one of Sheryl’s recent blogs on the LinktoEXPERT Web portal and forwarded it, thinking that the client might be interested in this hot topic for their annual conference. Margaret forwards Sheryl an online contract a couple of minutes after her acceptance. Sheryl also noted that the Association of Associations enjoys the new risk-free payment service; they will transfer the funds to the LinktoEXPERT escrow account next week.
    • Margaret receives a phone call from Sheryl asking if the client would agree to have Sheryl facilitate an interactive breakout session on the same topic for an additional $2,000 and if she would be allowed to record a video of the keynote and breakout. Margaret makes a conference call to her client to discuss Sheryl’s proposal; within minutes, the deal is finalized.
    • Margaret receives an email from a caterer asking if she could decorate their local banquet room with a tropical paradise theme in June.
    • At 4 p.m., Margaret receives a phone call from an executive asking if Margaret would like to plan a top producers’ cruise in September in which she will schedule well-known speakers and facilitators.
    • Margaret enjoys a walk with her husband before dinner.
  • Thursday
    • Margaret sleeps in because she and her business partner are orchestrating Dean’s black tie award ceremony tonight in celebration of his latest invention of alternative energy; Dean’s company will boost the economy by employing 500 people throughout the U.S.
    • Dean hired Margaret through his exclusive LinktoEXPERT membership; it was on her profile that he saw she had the experience to implement every detail of his elaborate banquet. Margaret hired David, a keynote speaker/corporate comedian, to kick off the event with laughter and inspiration. Margaret had secured the venue, entertainment, audio/visual equipment, photographer, and videographers through the LinktoEXPERT Web portal.
    • At the banquet, the sponsors provide gift bags for Margaret to hand out; they include an invitation to participate in Dean’s upcoming video conference in two weeks, a link to download Dean’s podcast of his appreciation speech, and a reminder to share ideas on Dean’s blogs, which include all the latest breakthroughs from his team of experts on his LinktoEXPERT personal profile.
  • Friday
    • Margaret hosts a teleseminar for less-experienced event professionals, in which she shares her insights on how to recruit and train volunteers and how to secure sponsors for events. Admission price of the teleseminar is $29.95 for LinktoEXPERT members and $39.95 for non-members.
    • Margaret calls her limo service to remind them to pick up her incoming guests next week and to have chilled champagne and black beluga caviar served on the drive to the convention center.
    • Margaret uploads the recording from the recent MPI meeting into podcast format to be downloaded by LinktoEXPERT members. She then goes for a pedicure with colleagues in order to discuss this year’s MPI gala.
  • We invite you to join LinktoEXPERT if your life resembles Margaret’s, or if you would like it to.
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