A week in the life of Dean, an evolved Executive
What if you could implement your ideas with Ease and be first to market?
  • Monday
    • Dean spends his morning relaxing and allowing ideas to flow, while writing down his thoughts so he will not forget them. He then expands on his notes while recording them into his Executive Goal Getter, Goal Setting & Achievement Tracking for Extraordinary Success. He reviews his targets in order to prioritize his ideas, choosing which ideas to implement immediately and eliminating the ideas that no longer align with his future plans. Dean spends his afternoon reading the latest edition of Sheryl’s How to Create a How to Manual, an online manual that Dean has downloaded from the LinktoEXPERT Web portal.
    • Dean and Michele, his significant other, enjoy a delightful barbeque dinner in their backyard Gazebo; the meal was prepared by Dean’s personal chef.
  • Tuesday
    • Dean awoke with more details for his idea, as a result of focusing on it prior to falling asleep the night before. Dean spends his morning making plans on how to integrate his idea and reviews the tips he learned from the “How To” manual he downloaded yesterday.
    • Dean enjoys swimming 20 laps in his Olympic-size pool.
  • Wednesday
    • Dean visits the LinktoEXPERT Web portal to hire an expert that can help him implement his new idea. Dean begins by reviewing his plans from Tuesday and subsequently responds to a few questions online. The Web portal immediately generates a list of several experts which match Dean’s project requirements. He reviews the profile of each suggested expert and watches the introductory videos of the experts, which detail what the expert can do for him. Next, Dean reads some of the articles and blogs written by the recommended experts. Dean becomes interested in several of the experts and decides to listen to online audio testimonials and watch online video testimonials from the experts’ previous clients. He notices that one expert has an online Webinar scheduled in a few hours. Dean signs up and attends Vito's Webinar to determine if he will be the right candidate for Dean’s new project.
    • Because the Webinar addressed many of Dean’s concerns, he is convinced that he wants to work with Vito. Dean then calls Vito directly and the two LinktoEXPERT members negotiate the deal on the phone.
    • Within an hour, Dean receives a proposal and contract via email which describes, in detail, the terms that he and Vito have agreed upon. Dean reviews and approves the online documents. He then transfers money into the LinktoEXPERT risk-free escrow account, to be distributed as described in the contract.
    • Dean sends an email with an outline of his new project to Bobbi, his LinktoEXPERT business coach. Bobbi will incorporate this new information into Dean’s strategic plan and then schedule follow-up calls with Vito to ensure the project’s success.
    • Dean finishes his day playing two sets of tennis with one of his colleagues.
  • Thursday
    • While Dean is sleeping in, Vito, his new LinktoEXPERT management consultant, begins his search for other experts to hire through the Web portal who can to assist him with Dean’s project.
    • Mid-morning, Dean reviews all his projects with Bobbi, and they make all necessary adjustments. Bobbi then contacts other LinktoEXPERT consultants working on Dean’s various projects; she asks for updates to make sure that everything is proceeding according to plan.
    • Tonight is Dean’s black tie award ceremony which will celebrate his latest invention of alternative energy; Dean’s company will boost the economy by employing 500 people throughout the U.S. Dean was able to bring this product to market in half of the expected time due to his team of exceptional consultants and their contacts knowing who to trust and how to streamline processes.
    • Dean had hired Margaret, an event professional, through his exclusive LinktoEXPERT membership; it was on her profile that he saw she had the experience to implement every detail of his elaborate banquet. Margaret hired Donna, a keynote speaker/corporate comedian, to kick off the event with laughter and inspiration. Margaret had secured the venue, entertainment, audio/visual equipment, photographer and videographers through the LinktoEXPERT Web portal.
    • At the banquet, the sponsors provide gift bags for Margaret to hand out; they include an invitation to participate in Dean’s upcoming video conference in two weeks, a link to download Dean’s podcast of his appreciation speech, and a reminder to share ideas on Dean’s blogs, which include all the latest breakthroughs from his team of experts on his LinktoEXPERT personal profile.
  • Friday
    • Dean enjoys his weekly 90-minute mastermind call with executives from around the globe. He met these colleagues through the LinktoEXPERT forum; five of them have formed a peer advisory group. Bobbi, a skilled LinktoEXPERT facilitator, keeps their mastermind session flowing and productive.
    • Dean's executive assistant, Mary Ann, emails him with the update that she has just secured a facilitator for their upcoming, two-day executive retreat in Costa Rica. She hired Sandy from the LinktoEXPERT Web portal; he will address how their quarterly objectives tie into their long-term plans and will assign task deadlines for the retreat. Sandy will also complete a follow-up after the retreat to make sure that everyone accomplishes their quarterly goals. Mary Ann then secures Pegotty, a LinktoEXPERT trainer, to facilitate an amazing team-building event in the rain forest the day after the Costa Rican retreat.
    • Dean finishes his workweek by enjoying a Tai Chi session in the afternoon.
  • We invite you to join LinktoEXPERT if your life resembles Dean's, or if you would like it to.
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