[Q. 1 ] What is an expert?
An expert is a consultant, coach, speaker, or trainer who has proven knowledge of a specific topic and possesses the talent to share that information in order to shorten the learning curve of individuals and businesses.
[Q. 2 ] Why was the LinktoEXPERT Web portal created?
To help you do what you do best! LinktoEXPERT knows that marketing is frequently a challenge for experts. When you become a LinktoEXPERT member, all your marketing needs are taken care of FOR you, giving you plenty of time to focus on your expertise!
[Q. 3 ] Why market through the LinktoEXPERT Web portal?
Recent changes in the economy have altered the way executives do business; with many organizations downsizing and rightsizing, they can no longer justify employing highly-skilled individuals full-time. However, these companies continue to need that expertise and will pay for those services on an "as-needed basis" instead of carrying the financial burden of long-term, fixed expenses. • Through the LinktoEXPERT Web portal, executives can browse your unlimited uploads of whitepapers, articles, ebooks, podcasts, videos, photos, blogs, calendars, credentials, testimonials, and more, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Executives will even be able to contact you DIRECTLY!
[Q. 4 ] Is there any fee to use LinktoEXPERT’s PayPal-secured online store?
LinktoEXPERT takes care of all monthly PayPal fees. However, when a transaction is made, PayPal does deduct a small percentage from the seller’s profit.
[Q. 5 ] Who is responsible for collecting payments from clients?
LinktoEXPERT recommends that you use our risk-free payment system, which is secured through an escrow account. • You create the online proposal and contract, detailing what you and the client have agreed upon. • The client approves the contract. • The client pays the deposit via PayPal and transfers the remaining agreed-upon funds in escrow to be distributed according to the contract signed by both parties. See terms of agreement for complete details. http://linktoexpert.com/termofuse.aspx
[Q. 6 ] May expert members utilize other experts’ services and buy their products?
Yes, LinktoEXPERT encourages fostering a community of experts who learn from each other!
[Q. 7 ] Why would a LinktoEXPERT member recruit other experts, event professionals and executives to join LinktoEXPERT?
Every challenge is unique. Sometimes executives will need to secure a local expert; sometimes they need the expert to have an exact certification or education; sometimes the solution requires a particular nationality, age, or gender to address the issue. When you recruit other experts from a wide range of expertise, increasing numbers of executives will join the LinktoEXPERT community in order to meet their needs. When more executives are drawn to LinktoEXPERT, an increasing number of prospective clients will have access to YOU to assist them with their next challenge!
[Q. 8 ] What is LinktoEXPERT’s commission?
25% of the gross sale of all electronic products sold.
[Q. 9 ] Who is responsible for calculating and distributing commissions and discounts?
LinktoEXPERT’s automated back-office services will calculate these values for you.
[Q. 10 ] Why an integrated interactive website?
Every expert can benefit from strategic mass marketing and vertical niche market programs, both of which are provided through our Web portal. You will benefit through frequent communication of your distinct message via blogging and joining exclusive, targeted online forums.
[Q. 11 ] What is the cost of a LinktoEXPERT interactive website? What is the monthly membership cost?
$2500. Per interactive website monthly memberships are $75, $225, and $1275 per month depending on how much you want to do yourself vs. how much you would like us to do for you with a six-month commitment.
[Q. 12 ] Why do experts join the LinktoEXPERT community?
• To gain exposure to LinktoEXPERT’s affiliate partners, which consist of business and professional associations and chambers of commerce • To acquire access to an integrated interactive marketing platform designed to showcase their uniqueness and credentials to targeted audiences needing experts’ products and services • To earn passive store • To expand their market by bundling their products and services with other experts’ products and services • To streamline their back-office services.
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