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Name:Bob Turel
Company:Bob Turel The Presentations Coach
Title:Head Coach
Address:Belle Vista
City:St. Pete Beach
Country:United States of America
Phone No:7273600195
Cell No:7275175753
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Where can I get FREE Business Advice?
A great place to begin is with the SCORE organization. A worldwide network of professionals and they are available to you locally in-person or via email/video conferencing as well.
Here's a chapter in Pasco County, Florida -

What is Toastmasters All About?
Toastmasters is the premier worldwide organization to assist you in honing your communications skills, especially as they relate to creating and delivering dynamic presentations. Check out a club near you soon. Guests are always welcome for free!

How can I create a Marketing Video economically?
The best way to begin to experience the power and potential of video marketing is to just jump in and try it.

Most smart phones these days have a video app on the phone or will allow you to download one. If you are careful to have adequate lighting on you as the subject and are close enough to have the microphone pick up your voice and it's vocal variety, you're halfway there!

Always prepare a brief script of prompts that you can practice and use for your video. We tend to think we can make our point off the cuff, but that usually runs longer than we intend.

After you create one or two brief marketing videos and post them prominently on social media outlets, I can assure you the shutter bug will have bitten you and you will want to produce even more vibrant, informative and personality-driven visual messages!

Here's one I did to celebrate a local merchant's business anniversary -
How do I get over nervousness when I speak before an audience?
The best answer is you don't. I train my clients how to use F.E.A.R. as energy to ultimately support your development of confidence. The acronym means:
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