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What if I don't want to write a book myself, but I know I should have one?
We create books and ebooks for independent professionals, coaches, speakers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

And our process is a hundred times better than hiring a ghostwriter! 

In this day and age people want authenticity; they want to hear from you personally so they can decide if they like and trust you, and that's not going to happen with a ghostwritten book or ebook.

Plus, if you have more than one, they won't be written in the ame voice, most likely and that confuses your potential readers and clients and hinders your brand as well as well as sales.

What we do is either compile blog posts written by YOU, or we interview and turn it in a book and/or ebook.  So, it's always in your voice! 

To learn more and for a free consultation, go to:
How is it possible to write an ebook in 3 days or less?
I have developed a 7-step process that I have been teaching for a decade with amazing results.

Pick a profitable topic (by doing the research and finding out what your market wants that you can provide.

Find your angle or hook (a new approach)

Create a killer title (something that is memorable)

Organize your ebook into chapters and subchapters

Write it in small chunks using my proprietary process.

Finish it (Add tables of contents etc.)

Launch it! 

For a free eBook Starter Pack go to
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