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Name:Pat Huston
Company:Geek Speak Solutions LLC
Title:Founder, Training DIrector
Address:2001 83rd Avenue North Suite 1230
City:St. Petersburg
Country:United States of America
Phone No:7273006678
Cell No:7278048806
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How can I gather more participants to my grand opening event?
Hire the promotional partner of Lifestyle Educators, "The Health Bartender."

Hello! As Trader Joe’s, Rolling Oats, Whole Foods and to some degree Aldi food stores roll into Tampa Bay………..One needs to ask what the best customer service health food store (YOU!) is going to do regarding this ever increasing trend in healthier food options. What will separate you as the best? How will your personnel be able to educate and promote your products? What about spices, herbs, teas, and vitamins? Is one a day really your answer?

I can help! I have a snack for that. You could use me to cook healthy recipes in your stores. Learn more from the health bartender your personalized event promoter from Lifestyle Educators of Clearwater. We have experts that provide the answers and entertain us with good health.

We make health fun and interesting. Where east meets west we explore the best! Besides we have a ton of social pals that follow us wherever we go. Want to come?
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