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Name:Maura Sweeney
Title:Int'l Speaker | Podcaster | Media Consultant
Address:30 Estuary Trail
Country:United States of America
Phone No:
Cell No:17273662311
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Who is Maura Sweeney?

A former corporate manager, business owner and home schooling mom, Maura launched her vocational career in her early 50’s with the goal of positively impacting culture.

A Florida resident who has traveled to 50+ countries, Maura combines global travel and a lifetime of experience to help others live their best, happiest and most authentic life.

Why is Maura also called Maur4u!

Maura simply embodies her encouraging message of always being for 4u – as in for you!

Her consistently energizing and universally affirming spirit shines through in all her Podcasts, Videos, books, Blogs, eCourse and Public Speaking Presentations.

What is Maura's Mantra?

Believing that happiness and personal success are uniquely intertwined, Maura lives and works by her "Living Happy - Inside Out" mantra.

With a philosophy honed over decades, Maura incorporates this mantra into her Podcasts, Huffington Post Blogs, eBooks, eCourse, Public Speaking Appearances and media interviews.

Why Should I Book Maura to Speak at My Event?

Brimming with natural enthusiasm and personally empowering messages, Maura resonates with a diverse audience.

Her principles and anecdotal stories appeal to both university students and millennials seeking professional guidance as well as midlife business audiences needing fresh inspiration in life.

To learn more about booking Maura, visit her Speaker Page at:

Where in the Media Has Maura Been Featured?

Maura has been interviewed more than 100 times in the media, featured on television, radio, podcasts and in print. In addition, you can find Maura on her personal web site as well as Huffington Post, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, You Tube and Amazon.

For specific details, visit Maura’s Media Page at:

What Have Others Said About Maura?

In addition to receiving accolades from media hosts, Maura has been praised by individuals, leaders and groups within corporate and educational communities. 

For specific remarks about Maura, visit her Testimonial Page at:


How Can I Contact Maura?
Maura can be reached at
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