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Name:Kathy Robshaw
Company:Spectrum Strategy Resources LLC
Address:8010 Bridal Path
Country:United States of America
Phone No:7275514172
Cell No:7274218818
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What is telephone effectiveness?
Telephone effectiveness is having the confidence to use the skills necessary to communicate with anyone you speak with by telephone. Your bottom line results will increase when you learn Telephone Effectiveness.
How can we help?

We start with an initial discussion with the business owner or manager to learn more about their needs.

We prepare an agenda and time-line that usually includes:

  • Assessment of you existing operation
  • Review of integration of the phone into your business
  • Review of sales/marketing support
  • Assessment of your own numbers
  • Listen to live calls for as long as necessary
  • Assessment of other areas that impact results as needed
We provide a recommendation of how best we feel that we can help your business achieve its goals and objectives and this could include:
  • Coaching and/or training
  • Review of systems by a colleague
  • Re-review of workflow strategies
  • Management Review
  • Recommendation of CRM or other database product
Do you work with direct mail?
We do not create direct mail but work hand in hand with specialists who do and we will ensure that the power of the telephone is captured and covered both in the creative an in the response or follow up requirements.
Do you make phone calls for us?
We do not, at the moment, make calls for our clients. We might work closely with them to test a project or test an adaptation which could include making calls with them. We stay current by having a hands on approach to our work.
Do you sell telephones?
We do not as a matter of business sell hardware. We can offer and do recommend headsets. We work with colleagues who are experts in the hardware and and latest technology available. We will have a hands on relationship with our clients and these vendors.
Do you work in all environments, i.e. B2B, B2C, C2B?
Our depth of experience has been B2B both inbound and outbound, but we have touched the other business arenas many times.
What industries do you work in?

Kathy has 30 years of experience in the U.S. and around the world, and has touched most industries. The colleagues we work with bring more to the table and combined they can offer a solutions.

The focus for us is the telephone and our client’s goals and objectives and we can always find that connection in our experience.
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