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How can I get a copy of Platinum Presentations Book

In  Platinum Presentations Book, I share 52 Tips to Speak with Confidence, Win Your Audience and Grow Your Bank Account. Here are 5 simple principles that I know will impact your next presentation.

  1. Be Others-Focused - Don't make your presentation about yourself, make it about your audience.
  2. Be Colorful - Add color to your basic presentation with quotes, humor, visuals, and pop-culture.
  3. Be Candid - Get to the point....faster. Much faster. Twitter has changed humanity's attention span forever. Say it...faster.
  4. Be Simple - Break down your complex ideologies into digestible pieces that anyone can comprehend.
  5. Don't Be Nervous - Instead say " I have a Healthy Anticipation Of an Incredible Outcome".

These principles work. To dive deeper, grab your copy of Platinum Presentations by visiting


What are some of the Skills of Master Speakers?

Here are 3 of the 12 Valuable Skills of Master Speakers


If you have goals or aspirations of being a speaker, listen up. There are a few things you will need to know that will truly separate you from the amateurs. 


Learning these skills will boost your speaking opportunities, it will elevate your brand, and will allow you to raise your "back of the room" sales after your live engagements.


So here you go, make sure you are taking notes.


1. You must be able to share your story in whatever amount of time you are given.


Sometimes it will be easy because you will be given 45 minutes to share. During that time you can easily tell your background and story to help you engage with your audience. But sometimes, like during an interview, you will need to give the 30 second version of your story. Can you share your story, your pain, and your triumphant recovery in 30 seconds. Professionals can.


2. You must be able to share both techniques and principles in your speaking.


As you continue to grow as a speaker, you should also see your audience size grow. As you audience grows you will need to present content that is applicable to many different people at the same time. The way to do that effectively, is to present not just specific information, but also principle-based content. How can great speakers like Tony Robbins, TD Jakes, John Maxwell and others wow and impact each individual in extremely large venues, because they are able to pull lasting truths and principles into their speaking. Principle-based is another trait of being a true speaking professional.


3. I am going to give you one more, but there are many things that I cannot cover in this newsletter article. In fact, there are 12 areas related to the art of professional speaking that you should know about (find out all 12 skills here). The next skill I will discuss is Mastering the Stage Space. Before I get started, with mastering the stage, I want to tell you that I am not saying that you have to be a peripatetic speaker. However, you must be able to allow your presence to fill the whole stage. To accomplish this there are posture positions, arm gestures and vocal cues that allow you fill more of the stage space. I have many other tips that I have gained from other professionals that I can share with you that you can use daily when they are on stage. So stay tuned to your inbox!


Do you like this type of information?


As you know, I have been speaking professionally for over 15 years, recently I decided to coach a select group of people on the very skills and techniques that has helped my generate over a million dollars as speaker. I don't say that to brag, I say that to show you the difference your income can have if you learn the skills necessary to excel as a professional speaker.


This select group will meet me in April. Will you join me April 15-17 in Maryland? I am presenting a Crush the Stage MasterClassfor people who desire to become more skilled in their craft and want live coaching from me. If you have a burning passion to touch the world and to share your your message in a more professional and meaningful way check out the 

Crush The Stage Speakers Masterclass


What are your skills?

How can I hire you

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