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How do I submit my article(s) to be considered to be featured in BABM print or online publications?






Specifications for all submitted articles: 

*       Must be a MS Word document

*       Align left

*       Single spaced Arial font

*       Double space between paragraphs

*       No less than 700 or more than 850 words (including your 3-4 sentence bio)

*       Must include a 300 dpi JPEG color head shot.

*       Can not be advertorial (promoting a specific company)


It is extremely important that your bio is included with each and every article submitted.


Because of our mission to become the best and the “go to” resource for business owners and because we are receiving an abundance of editorial --- the criteria for writers to be published in BABM are as follows:

*       Have a degree, certification, or license in their business category

*       Have worked in the editorial category for no less than 5 years

*       Support BABM by linking their websites to through their published articles

*       Support BABM by displaying a badge on their website, as a contributing writer for BABM

Please submit a resume or curricula vita for approval as a BABM editorial contributor to


As always, we appreciate your contributions and look forward to working together to educate, support and inspire our readers. We are available to discuss ideas and help you with writing and editing. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss an idea for an article, please contact our Editor, B e v v Beirl, at

727-741-2212 or


Due to the growing popularity of BABM and the increasing number of local businesspeople that have expressed an interest in submitting editorial that shares best practices in business, it is extremely important that you let us know as early as possible if you are interested in submitting an article.  In our efforts to offer our readers a wide breadth of contributing writers and topics, we cannot guarantee editorial placement in the next edition, but will make all efforts to publish appropriate material as space becomes available in the future. 



The print BABM is read by over 60,000 businesses, organizations, decision-makers, leaders, educators, government officials and entrepreneurs in the Bay Area.  Currently, is getting over 66,000 page views per month and ranked on page one of Google organically for top business magazine, business resource magazine, digital business magazine to mention a few.


Bay Area Business Magazine, LLC                                                                    Ph. (727) 741-2212

P.O. Box 8552                                                                                                    Fax (727) 398-4992

Seminole, FL 33775-8552                                                                                Email:


*Submission of articles, images, press releases, events or other editorial is no guarantee of publication due to time and space constraints.  The publisher of Bay Area Business Magazine (BABM) reserves the right to edit and/or publish all submissions. By submitting articles to BABM, you agree to grant complete licensing rights to your copyrighted materials, which allow Bay Area Business Magazine, LLC unlimited usage in print, web, or any other media format.  By submitting content to Bay Area Business Magazine under your personal name or company name, you are guaranteeing that the material is original and has not been copied from any other sources without their written permission or without giving credit.


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