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Name:Joanne Weiland
Company:Commanding View, Inc. dba Link to EXPERT
Title:Collaboration Expert
Address:2037 Arbor Drive
Country:United States of America
Phone No:727-791-7338
Cell No:727-243-9453
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Why would you want a portal to the world?

Showcase your expertise through your personal interactive marketing platform and explore new avenues of income.

Why us?

·       Constant Expansive exposure to hundreds of thousands of Decision Makers through: 

- professional affiliations 

- social media

- traditional media

- email blast

- eNewsletters

- Radio, Internet TV & TV interviews

- pod casts

- Publications

- Events 

- etc.

·        Currently ranking 37 on Google Analytics

What to Expect:

·        Feature your videos and podcasts on YouTube

·        Upload multiple videos for prospective clients to view your work

·        Traffic tracking – tells you the expert the number of visitors to your personal site on the LinktoEXPERT portal

·        Bi-weekly eNewsletter showcasing  your latest updates, news and upcoming events

·        Ability to create and maintain your own database and send custom emails

·        Press releases sent out regularly – driving traffic to the portal

·        Your own personal URL to direct people to your specific listing as your own website

·        Search Engine Optimization – get higher rankings by being a part of our Global Online Community


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