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Name:Janice Pratt
Company:Proforma JP Marcom Advantage
Address:13511 Fawn Springs Drive
Country:United States of America
Phone No:18137848928
Cell No:18137848928
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What's Your Approach ?
Concierge Approach It's simple -- your satisfaction is our mission. First, we consult with you to understand your business and learn about your specific challenges and objectives. Then, we develop ideas and and concepts to present to you for further collaboration. After tailoring a solution to fit your needs, we serve as your complete marketing concierge, coordinating any or all phases of the projects as you need. Full Service From concept to completion, we deliver results. Our expertise in brand messaging, collateral design, and production ensures that your message is compelling, effective, and professional. Cost-Effective Results Enjoy the benefits inherent in our experience without the expense of a full-time marketing employee or outside advertising agency. Our service remains cost-effective because of our competitive business approach. We also enjoy the advantages that come with two decades worth of win-win relationships with the industry’s best copywriters, graphic designers, printers, direct mail houses, and promotional experts.
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